Patient Information

CMIT wants you to feel comfortable and safe during your procedure. We strive to provide information that allows you to fully understand what to expect before, during and after the scan or treatment. Please read through the information below and call (318) 716-4000 if you have any questions about what to expect during your procedure.

What To Expect

PET/CT Scan Preparation:

  • Upon arrival you will complete standard paperwork related to your procedure.
  • You will be asked to drink a large bottle of water.
  • The technologist will take you to a patient prep room and explain the procedure in detail. Please notify the technologist if you are pregnant.
  • The technologist will start an I.V. most commonly in your arm.
  • You will receive an injection of a small amount of a radiopharmaceutical.
  • You will relax on a bed.  This time differs for each procedure, but can be as long as 90 minutes. During this time you may receive a small amount of a diuretic through your I.V. to improve image quality.
  • You may be asked to drink some water that contains a small amount of x-ray dye. Please notify the technologist if you are allergic to iodine or CT dye.
  • When the appropriate time has passed, the PET scan will begin.

PET/CT Scan:

  • When it is time for your scan, the technologist will provide you an opportunity to use the restroom. Your scan may last as long as 30 minutes.
  • You will be placed on the scanner and positioned.
  • It is important that you lie as still as possible during your scan.
  • The table you are lying on will go in and out of the scanner several times during your exam.
  • Many patients relax enough to fall asleep during the scan.


We will need to be contacted by your doctor before we can schedule your exam. As soon as we hear from your doctor, CMIT staff will contact you to discuss scheduling options and to provide specific instructions for the day of your exam.

General Preparation for Your Scan

(Specific instructions will be provided by CMIT staff)

  1. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight except water.
  2. Be on time for your appointment. If you are unable to make your appointment, please contact our office 24 hours in advance of your appointment.
  3. No cigarettes or chewing tobacco or the like the day of your scan.
  4. No cough drops, breath mints, chewing gum or the like, not even “sugar free”.
  5. You may take medications unless they are labeled to be taken only with food or are in syrup form. Wear warm, comfortable clothing; no zippers or other metal on clothing; no underwire bra.
  6. Unless you are diabetic, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  7. If you are diabetic, please contact our office for further instructions at (318) 716-4000.
  8. Please don’t bring children to the procedure due to length of procedure (three hours).
  9. Please note: Our center opens at 7:00 a.m.

Failure to follow these instructions may make it necessary to reschedule your scan.

Driving Directions

Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy
2120 Kings Highway
Shreveport, LA 71103
Tel: (318) 716-4000

The Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy is located at 2120 Kings Highway on the corner of Mansfield Road and Kings Highway. Click on “printable driving directions” above for more details and pictures to help you locate our center.


From South Louisiana:

  1. I-49 to Kings Highway (Exit 205).
  2. Turn left onto Kings Highway.
  3. Proceed to the corner of Mansfield Road and Kings Highway. CMIT will be on the right after you travel through the intersection.

From I-20 West (Monroe):

  1. I-20 West to Greenwood Road (16B).
  2. Turn left onto Greenwood Road.
  3. At the second stop light, turn right onto Mansfield Road.
  4. CMIT will be on the right at the next intersection (corner of Mansfield Road and Kings Highway).

From I-20 East (Texas):

  1. I-20 East to Greenwood Road (16B).
  2. Turn right onto Greenwood Road.
  3. Turn right onto Mansfield Road.
  4. CMIT will be on the right at the next intersection (corner of Mansfield Road and Kings Highway).

Insurance Coverage

If you have health insurance we will file the claim for your procedure. However, some carriers, including Medicare, do not cover PET studies for all indications (a non-covered diagnosis; See also “Medicare” for complete coverage information), or the carrier may not pay 100% of the claim. We will make every effort to maximize coverage, but you are ultimately responsible for payment.

If you do not have insurance coverage, it will be necessary for you to work out payment arrangements with our office before your appointment.

Whether you have insurance or not, we will happily discuss our financial hardship assistance program with you if you feel you are unable to pay the balance on your account.