Advancing Molecular Imaging and Research

CMIT is collaborating with healthcare providers, independent researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers to provide the most advanced molecular imaging diagnostic and therapeutic technologies available today..

The New CMIT

CMIT added capacity and capabilities in research, healthcare, and production and development of novel radiopharmaceuticals through facilities and program expansion. CMIT’s expansion means new research collaborations, more novel and in-demand radiopharmaceuticals, and increased access for patients.

Radiopharmaceutical Production and Development

CMIT is focused on developing novel radiopharmaceuticals using cGMP guidelines, investigating the use of novel radiopharmaceuticals in molecular imaging, and manufacturing and distributing radiopharmaceuticals to various imaging and research centers around
the country.

Are you a patient?

The Patient Information Page provides helpful information for our current and prospective patients answer many of the questions you have about your procedure.  If you have questions that are not covered, please contact us for assistance.


CMIT is engaged in radiopharmaceutical science research. Specifically, the team has the experience and expertise to optimize radiochemistry synthesis, develop novel therapeutic agents, and perform large scale production of molecular imaging probes. CMIT’s manufacturing and distribution facilities provide radiopharmaceuticals for clinical and research applications.

PET Imaging

CMIT is an active clinical PET/CT imaging facility offering imaging and therapeutic procedures for oncologic, neurologic and cardiologic indications. CMIT currently participates in multiple clinical trials designed to bringing cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities to the regional patient population.

Research & Development

CMIT is focused on developing novel radiopharmaceuticals and investigating new applications of these radiopharmaceuticals in molecular imaging and therapy. CMIT has specialized facilities to conduct their research that includes radiochemistry research labs, biology labs, cyclotron facilities, and clinical imaging facilities.

Work With Us.

Work with CMIT’s team of clincians and scientists. Our team engages in chemistry, radiopharmaceutical, translational and clinical research. These research activities advance our field from basic science to clinical practice. 

Our Resources

Explore CMIT’s resources to browse full information and tools related to patients, physicians or to stay on top of CMIT’s latest developments by browsing CMIT’s Publications page.

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