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Research Examples

  • Developing New Chemistry

  • Developing novel Radio-Labeling Methods

  • Radiochemistry Optimization

R & D

Developing Novel Radiopharmaceuticals

At CMIT, the quest to develop a radiopharmaceutical begins with a biologic question or medical condition. Researchers work to identify how to answer a scientific question, diagnose a disease, or evaluate therapeutic efficacy. These researchers develop new compounds and molecules with potential to increase the knowledge of molecular processes. After years of work, a radiopharmaceutical that impacts the healthcare of a sufferer of a particular ailment is hopefully produced.

Radiopharmaceutical R&D

Researchers assess the utility and efficacy of radiolabeled products and the efficiency of the radiolabeling process by a variety of methods at CMIT. Researchers test radiopharmaceuticals in vivo and ex vivo depending on the requirements of a given project. This work is performed utilizing radiopharmaceuticals developed in house and by collaborators and is available on a contract basis for interested parties.